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About Me

with a background in narrative writing. I help organizations increase exposure and conversions by writing engaging copy that conveys a story and encourages action.

I write for businesses associated with geek fandom and pop culture. My work caters to film studios, video game companies, geek merchandise stores, board game publishers, comic conventions, and many other organizations in the entertainment field.

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Working With Me

You can feel at ease with my work since I adhere to the following principles:


I provide clients with regular updates and maintain an adequate level of communication that makes clients feel at ease.


My clients receive high-quality content because I take the time to learn their vision, become familiar with their business, and pour my heart into my work. I am thorough with my writing because I care about my clients and want their businesses to succeed.


If you choose to work with me as a client, you can rest assured that I will never suggest or offer anything you don't need for your business. Whether you have a question or need guidance, you can count on me to give honest advice.


My reputation as an independent freelancer relies heavily on my professionalism and reliability. My clients can feel safe knowing my services will be completed as promised and on time.

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Video Games

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Men's Fashion

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My rates are dynamic and personalized to your business. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation
so I can learn more about your organization and present you with a customized plan.


Blogs will establish your website as a source of relevant information and boost your website to the top of search engine results. Blogs increase online traffic, create trust with customers, promote your products, and more.

Website Copy

The presence of quality copywriting on your website is crucial as it will make you stand out from the competition. Copywriters ensure your website contains enticing language and keywords to rank high in search engine results.


Newsletters are an essential marketing tool as they allow you to interact with your customers, establish deeper bonds with your audience and share informative updates about your company.

Email Copy

Email sequences with effective copywriting can convert leads into loyal customers. Email campaigns can also highlight upcoming products and exclusive promotions directly to your email list subscribers.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are critical because they contain strategic keywords that generate traffic and descriptive content that entices buyers to purchase. A well-written product description will increase the likelihood of a sale.

Social Media Copy

Social media copy helps you establish your brand and connect with your audience. Social media is a great way to advertise your services and generate sales.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone web pages that run independently of your website. Landing pages are used to obtain emails and generate sales through persuasive language. Leads are directed to landing pages through links in emails, ads, etc.

Video Scripts

I have writing experience in the entertainment field and an educational background in filmmaking. Contact me with details about your project if you need a screenwriter for your podcast, short film, video, narrative feature, or series.



  • Designed captivating headlines using headline analysis software.

  • Researched and integrated keywords.


Betty’s Mobile Facials

  • Researched and implemented SEO keywords throughout the website copy.

  • Wrote website copy from the ground up.

  • Studied the company history to create a compelling company image.

  • Acquired a quick understanding of the facial industry to effectively address the target audience.


JaysPrintableArt | Etsy shop

  • Proofread, edited, and optimized listing descriptions and titles.

  • Created product-specific long-tail keywords.

  • Enhanced product listings with custom tags and alt-text.

  • Increased Etsy shop’s organic traffic.


  • Janett Mendez
  • - JaysPrintableArt

"Brandon is a knowledgeable SEO professional. Thanks to his assistance, I no longer pay for advertising since I receive more organic traffic.

Brandon's dedication and desire to make my business successful made working with him a wonderful experience. He has earned my recommendation due to his professionalism and thoroughness. "

  • Betty Davis
  • - Betty’s Mobile Facials

"Brandon quickly became familiar with the facial industry by asking me detailed questions and doing extensive research. He demonstrated a genuine interest in learning about my professional background and business so he could convey my vision through his writing.

Brandon was always invested in my website and ensured I was satisfied with his work. If you need Brandon for a project, I highly recommend him."

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Do you have a question or want to learn more about my services? Fill in the form or contact me directly at the email below:

You can also find insightful answers to common questions in the FAQ section.

What Next?

Once I receive your inquiry, I will proceed with the following steps:

  1. I will send you a calendar notice with a date and time for our discovery call or online video chat.

  2. During our meeting, I will gain an understanding of your business and identify how I can improve it.

  3. After our initial meeting, I will follow up with a brief questionnaire and a customized plan tailored to your business.

  4. If we decide to collaborate, we can move into the fun part, where I will help your business grow!


Copywriting refers to writing in marketing that entices readers to take action on a website. For example, opening a link, buying a product, joining a newsletter, etc.

Well-written copywriting can help businesses rank high in search engine results, making it one of the most valuable marketing tools to invest in.

Search engine optimization is a process that aims to increase a website's online traffic through various strategies such as blogs, link building, keywords, marketing, and so on.

It is the copywriter's job to implement these SEO strategies into your website so it can rank highly on search engine results.

Call-to-action language entices visitors to take some form of action on your website. A compelling call-to-action statement can persuade leads to sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, click a link, etc.

Keywords are words or phrases in online content, such as blogs and websites. It is through keywords that online users find your website.

Your target audience is more likely to find your website if you select the appropriate keywords. For example, if someone searches the internet for red sports cars and your website contains the keywords red sports cars, then it is more likely that the searcher will end up on your website.

Absolutely. Contact me with details about your business so I can evaluate how to assist you.

I can service all entertainment businesses! It could be anything from amusement parks to fairs, arcades, etc. Please get in touch if your business falls under this category. I would be more than happy to help you.

Similarly, feel free to contact me if you have a business unrelated to the entertainment industry. I have experience working in niches outside the entertainment industry, so I can adapt to other industries if needed.

After an initial consultation, we can determine if I am an ideal copywriter for your company.

Your need for copywriting services will vary depending on your business. However, maintaining your website optimized for search engines is as critical as taking good care of a car or a house.

An optimized website could perform well today but decline within two years if left unattended. If you periodically optimize your website for SEO, your chances of remaining relevant in search engines will improve.

It is also important to note that SEO is an evolving process that requires continuous testing and experimenting. A website that receives updated content should be analyzed to see how the changes impact the website. During the monitoring period, the copywriter determines how well the copy performs in search engines and adjusts accordingly.

It all depends on your business requirements and goals. My plans are always built to maximize your company's potential and never contain unnecessary items.

In addition to copywriting, I have basic graphic design and video editing skills. I also have a network of professionals to connect you with if you need external help for your website.

Besides copywriting, I have experience writing scripts for the film industry. Feel free to contact me if you want to commission a screenplay or are interested in a script evaluation.